Monday, 16 April 2007


Hi people

below are a couple of emails that I've recently sent out, the one's to Mr. Top Cat George Galloway MP might well be of interest to his fans, or to his detractors me I am with the last group after receiving his reply, after all these months of trying eh Crazydave.

Yep after all these months of sending him copies of the blogs, thats the best he could come up with. Here then ladies and gents are the latest emails to Mr. galloway and the co-receivers, and his reply.,,,,,

Hi George everyone else

I sent the email message below to you at Talksport today thurs the 12th of April 2007 george but as they probably get hundreds have chosen today to send it to the two email addresses I have for you.

I've added the other receipients (did I spell it right) for what transparency reasons? Others in the media game, who will feed off these elections with columns of garbage from the various political parties, who while they have had ample opportunity to raise the various issues, have chosen for their own ends not to.

Much like you, failing to raise them all these months prior to yet another dose of purdur, makes me really question your motives for that George.

Well I have to go, and I trust that what ever God you believe in George you do the right thing. Me I am working with Mr. Walshes Advice.

goodday Crazydave

Hi George

Are you ever going to deal with the issue of houses of multiple occupancy and whether they ought to be re-designated Shared Homes, without the need to have a communal room, so that all the excessive profiteering that is currently in flavour ends??????????????

You appear afraid to discuss that issue after all I have sent you enough emails up to this time for you to have at least responded with some comment even if it just I disagree. But like the others on the list of Usual Suspects, those in positions of power who might have raised that and other issues on my behalf you have been unable to grant me that little courtesy. I wonder why???????????

Or am I right in my assertion that indeed the Police should be holding all 60 members of the Welsh Assembly for questioning under caution for their wilful neglect. In a just society I would have thought so, the evidence is plainly there for all to see in the blogs that have gone so oh so unnoticed.

What I find remarkable is that these suspected criminals are allowed to stand for re-election??? That there is no apparent mechanism where the Election can be suspended pending a public inquiry. I wonder if such an inquiry would find that the Rent Revenue Account held by the county council was detrimental to the tenants under the rules that currently allow for that anomaly of £30 Million a year in rent rebates to exist where no other Social Landlord will have sucjh on their accounts, being paid 95% from central government and topped up 5% by the council for all their Housing Benefit Claimant Tenants?????????????

I wonder also if such an inquiry would ask ‘well First Minister you were aware of Crazydaves blogs and emails exhorting someone of note to ask that Dwr Cymru forgo its demand that he tell them exactly where he spends his minimal income, knowing full well that he fitted all criteria for having this debt wiped off by the water company. Why did you refuse to send such a letter on his behalf ????? and why did you not urge the government in westminster to have a look at the housing legislation that allows them to excessively profit out of this type of accommodation????????'

It might even call on Chief Constable Barbara Wilding to ask her a few choice questions. But when all is said n done George what would you say to such an inquiry into your refusal to get involved or are you going to say ‘Oh I didn’t know’.

So I doubt that you will raise these issues on your show or that I have called for the suspension of the Welsh assembly Elections this May until a public inquiry has looked into its Wilful Neglect of this and other Vulnerable Adults Health n Welfare, along with the Malfeasance claim.

All the best Crazydave aka David Gabriel aka Daoud Jibreel

and this is Mr. Galloways reply

I suspect the author of these paranoid ravings is in need of the help of a medical practitioner rather than me.
George Galloway MP

That came via Mr. Galloways parliamentary email address. What I find remarkable is that today they will be discussing Mental Health issues in the house of commons, and to which I replied with the following today

Hi George

Paranoid raving eh?

Is that why you have taken so long to reply George. Have you checked your own councils rent revenue account and checked that against any housing association accounts in your area??? You will find that the housing associations do not have any rent rebates in their expenditure column, so why does the council have them?

Is is paranoid ravings to be outside the welsh assembly for three years and still the minister for health n social services refuses to provide me with an appointment.

Is it paranoid ravings that the beautiful banners that are available to view on the blogs have been systematically not shown on the TV news about the doings at the welsh assembly.

And further more is it paranoid ravings that people like the BBC and the Water companies and landlords excessively profit out of houses of multiple occupancy, when the simple solution is to re-designate them shared houses.

Your insult to my intelligence just confirms my belief that you are a bit shy of dealing with social issues appertaining to this country, and simple solutions that might help those who have mental health issues, with their financial plight, rather than being kept in penury, or cash cows for the professional elite.

But at least I have had a reply, I trust that I will do that which is necessary for a public inquiry into the wilful neglect shown me by the welsh assembly government and the local county council, does come about.

Did You look at the nuisance neighbour video George. No doubt your reply would be, being a macho man that you would have punched the guy. As far as I am aware nobody has lifted a finger about that either, not even Ed Bridges the local councillor cares to respond to my emails since showing him the video, and hes standing in the assembly elections, and guess what George I am still waiting for the corporate complaint number, still still still waiting, see the list of the usual suspects on the blogs George to see those who like yourself have been party to the neglect of that.

Paranoid fantacy or the truth George???? Or is a property where the sound insultaion 7.5 years after my moving into it still does not come up to the minimum standard for sound insulation a paranoid fantacy or the truth. I doubt any of the Assembly member would find living in such a situation tolerable but OK for the paranoid delusionist eh George.

I hope I get to see you at the public inquiry, because your reply is an insult to all those vulnerable adults forced to live in similar types of accomodation due to wilful neglect, and governments desire to have all housing farmed out to the private sector, at a callossal cost to this nation. Check out how much the private rented sector get subsidized by central government via housing benefit and then tell me that is the best use we can make with that spend.

But at least now I know you don't give a fig for those with mental health issues. Had you read all the blogs you will be aware that I have repeatedly askeds to try an alternative therapy, but that Dr. Gibbon the health minister could not respond to, just like he couldn't be bothered to respond to the Dental questions, not a simple 'yes there is a polymer that can coat teeth that inhibits decay', let alone 'there might be detrimental effects of certain hygienist practices on decay', or 'no there is no such polymer on the market, and we are looking into hyginist practices'

But thanks for the reply, long over due, but then at least it was one. Oh and you really believe that the BBC Licence fee isn't a monopoly George, well what if every time you shopped at Tesco you had to pay Sainbury's a cut first what would that be???


You tell me people, is Mr. Galloway the sharlatan I have come to believe him to be, or do you agree with him that all these blogs are just paranoid ravings, or do you feel that they have merit. Are you living in a house of multiple occupancy have you checked out the bills you are getting and compare them to a non-subdivided property and wondered how can they get away with charging all this. Well I'll tell you how, because they have MP's who write trite comments to serious question of the have nots getting a whole lot more of the cake.

Love n Light Crazydave.

Holosync technology Mr. Galloway might well be the Death knell of the psychiatrist maybe thats why the medical profession will not give it a go, that brain wave syncronisation and you can get a sample George from Centerpointe from off the internet, try it for yourself, see if hey I seem to be more creative since I started listening to this CD becomes a part of your everyday reality.

ps here's an email sent on the 12th april 2007 to the CPS and the Attorney Generals office Mr. Galloway I wonder what has taken Mr. whoolley so long to get back to me this time, following the receipt of this from the now retired Eirwen.

From :
Pyne Eirwen
Sent :
05 April 2007 15:19:13
To : "crazy dave"
Subject : Out of Office AutoReply: ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS SUSPENDED

I have now retired from the CPS. Please contact Lowri Galliers on 029 20 803902
or email
Eirwen Pyne

Hi Lowri

I am chasing up a reply from Mr. Whoolley as to whether he is now going to bring charges against the Welsh Assembly government for wilful neglect and Malfeasance, on my behalf.

Whether he is going to bring charges against Cardiff County Council for victimization on my bahalf as well.

As I believe he has had more than enough to to make a considered opinion. I trust you can reply asap with either yes or no.

Mr. Whoolley ought to be familiar with this as I trust that you are also. As should be Lord Goldsmith.

all the Best Crazydave aka David Gabriel aka Daoud Jibreel

for a full list of blogs go to


So George have you got your clever comrade Kevin to check out the the rent revenue account of your local council, and have you asked what the cost is in subsidizing the investment properties of Private Landlords through the Housing Benefit system???

I wonder how many Millions yours claim to payout in rent rebates George, and while I did ask at one time if the council could supply me with the past 20 years figures on both. But they had apparently got lost in their move down to their oh so new new new building in cardiff bay.

If this annomaly had been challenged then I wonder what the housing landscape would be like now George for those only able to afford rented accomodation, but then it was a rigged game from the start and council tenants the ffall guys. Paranoid delusion George or truth.

It appears to me George that you are the delusional one if you can justify how it is that the Water Companies can gain a third increase in revenue from a property just because it has been cut in half let alone 3,4 or 5 so called flats, Social Justice George not paranoid delusions.

Now don't tell me that you don't have this type of accomodation in your constituency and don't tell me that majority of the tenants in those tenancies aren't on the lowest incomes in this country or are you so busy with your show bizz career that you havent visited any of these types of homes lately.

Since the Right to Buy Legislation was passed who don't you ask clever Kevin to do a price comparison on rent levels in the private sector then and now, for another net effect of maggies glorious own your home dream, you will find that much like the price of the properties today they have undergone massive increases, oh and don't the banks and mortgage providers just love her for it, and now we don't need employers to enslave us in the workplace we have each other selling houses for profit.

When all along if the game hadn't been fixed we would have social housing of the Barrett Type you know those Bookside type houses all at reasonable rent levels that would make the 'to buy' look a foolish option, and free to move to any part of the country because it would be all owned by the lot of us, just more freeing for all.

then you might ask like I do how come they are so afraid of doing the semnario where the council properties are now in the hands of a Trust or housing association????Because I heard it mooted that alot of councils funnily enough since I have had my banners outside the have been transferring their stock to Trust status. Perhaps you could get Clever Kevin to check what the accounts differences are now, from what they were????????????????????????

Now while I know you don't frequent pubs George but with the smoking ban coming into effect in England shortly don't you think you could ask the question of the Prime Minister about doing a deal with Nicotine Inhaler manufacturers and the Breweries to sell them at cost, so that punters don't have to go outside to get a hit. Or is that another of my so called paranoid ravings or a feeking good idea Crazydave.

Thats it for today. Oh by the way I have the email addresses of the BBC Trust and that of Mr. Mark Thompson and I have emailed them today with details of the blog page where this and the others are all found. I will have to post that some other day, as I have other things I wish to achieve today, and yes it would be nice if us Delusionist as you would like me to be had computer access at home, but its not possible on current state benefit levels Mr. Galloway would you care to address that on behalf of the vulnerable in parliament or with Bill Gates.

Goodday, ps this update is now being sent to the usual suspects for their upliftment.

LnL people Crazydave

UPDATE 20/4/07

ON THE 17/4/07 George Galloways parliamentary office email address sent me this.

Please desist from this correspondence. Or I will be forced to block your e-mails. I do not wish to hear from you again.

Well that's Mr. Galloway for you people guess Klever Komrad Kevin couldn't be bothered finding out about the rent revenue account for his constituents and Mr. Galloway is sanctioning the Wilful Neglect by the Welsh Assembly and the Victimization by Cardiff County Council and the IPCC where the heck are they when you really need em eh Crazydave, because Chief Constable Barbara Wilding condones the nuisance neigbour who by the way people is still ripping the Honeysuckle apart on his side of the fence and chucking it over to mine.

Trust I will get to see you at the trial Mr. Galloway even if it means I am forced to do the deed that I mentioned in the blog to Countess Mar, so that I get my day in court, and ask that you be cited in order to answer the questions that Wilful Neglect will generate.

Love n Light People from Crazydave. Guess you'll block me for receiving this eh George.